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Comprehensive & Reliable

At the Clean Smart Cleaning Company, it is our mission to provide our clients with comprehensive and reliable cleaning services.

We specialize in various cleaning services such as offices, guest houses, business parks, events, homes, retail outlets and other cleaning services.


Retail Outlet

Cleaning of shopping malls and retail centres is no small job. If you want to make sure that every space of your retail or mall is thoroughly clean, making use of our cleaning services is crucial.


Maintaining industrial premises, such as a factory or a mine, entails a lot of work. Whether you manage a large factory, mine, or manufacturing plant, you need to make use of our professional cleaning services.


Working hard all day can make it a challenge to keep your space clean. Whether you have a flat, apartment or house, you’ll want every single room to sparkle and to make it feel like home.

Guest House

Maintaining and cleaning a block of flats, a housing estate or complex is a full-time job. The large space and numerous residents means that this task requires the use of our cleaning company.

Office Parks

Whether you are looking for cleaning services for a large or small office park or a large-scale commercial operation, we will tailor our services to meet all your needs.

Other Services

Cleaning Services offered on Short Term to Long Term contracts. Our short term cleaning contract runs for a minimum of 30 days giving you the option to continue thereafter.

Our Shifts

We offer night time and day time clean services for your convenience and to cater to your needs.
The Day Shift runs from 7am to 5pm (or whichever times are needed) and our Night Shift runs from 5pm to 7am (or whichever times are needed).

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We deliver highly trained and trusted employees to the designated location at the scheduled time along with Eco-friendly cleaning equipment and materials.

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